Official Tasting at a Greek International Olive Council

#Pemete Athens, Greece- Flying Olive Farms team in Athens Greece starting EVOO organoleptic tasting!  (Short version with pictures.) Why the fashionable blue glass?  The cobalt blue  masks the color of the olive oil, preventing it from influencing your assessment.

From our picture you can read we aren’t quite up to 28C (the official temp) to bring out the aromas of the oil but we got there! 

tasting1Once the oil was warm we smelled the EVOO for pleasant or unpleasant sensations.  Olive fruit, apple leaves and grass verses vinegar, wine, tart, earthy, musty, rancid….

The mouthfeel of each oil tested is assessed according to its intensity, flavor and quality and must have a fruity aroma with no defects.  What are the defects you ask?  metallic,  dry leaves winey-vinegary, acid, brine, earthy, brine, greasy, cucumber, muddy, rancid or rotten… and for the good stuff-  are grassy, fresh, fruity, peppery, buttery…

The feel on the palate should be smooth, fluid and not greasy.

No spitting, save that for the wine they say- not me!.  🙂

Oils are similar to wines regarding outcome.  The terms of endearment for the palette depend on how the olives are cared for, weather conditions, soil, climate and freshness.tasting2tasting3

#Flyingolivefarms can not wait for you to taste our authentic, healthy and super tasty all Greek Olive Oil.  Greece- Where we have been doing Oil, and doing it well, since the beginning of time. #VRISI36 coming soon to a fine stockist near you.