Balsamic- The Succulent Solution!

Balsamic- The Succulent Solution!

You need this in your life!  Enchanting elixir of sweet yet tangy, strong yet smooth, taste bud tantalizing extraction of sun kissed GREEK grapes.  This revered liquid of Hellenic Grapes can transform mundane into nóstima. (Greek for delicious!)

Not only does this transform dishes from average to grape, oops great!, also has many health benefits.  First check your bottle, real vinegar’s are made from grapes.  No Caramels, No added Sugars and No preservatives.  Just natural, the way mother nature intended.  Best for your body and best for added zest to your recipes.

vrisi36 balsamic

Here are some creative ways to incorporate this into you diet.
salad dressings
-over vegetables and fruits (strawberries)
-over ice cream
Marinates — using a three to one ratio, V36 extra virgin olive oil to V36 vinegar, marinate proteins with extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic. Sugars in the marinate will caramelize…

Or check out our easy chicken recipe here—>Easy Balsamic Chicken.



Balsamic vinegar can lower levels of  blood sugar and aids digestion. It has power packing antioxidants (more than blueberries and green teas) and can aid in keeping blood platelets healthy.  Research has shown it helps with lowering blood pressure and  hardening of the arteries.

vrisi36 greek grape

Hellenic Grapes

But, check your bottle.  No Caramels, No preservatives, No added Sugars.

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