We do things a little differently at Vrisi 36 — in a good way. Natural, unblended, unrefined, and no preservatives, GMOs or artificial colorings. Our products are just born this way!

Vrisi 36 Products: 100% Greek Goodness

Imagine olives picked from Greek farms in burlap bags, oil extracted without heat, and freshly-squeezed olive juice poured directly into your bottle. Then compare that to a commodity driven olive oil — unseen, untasted and stored for long periods of time. If you’re buying 70% of what’s on the supermarket shelf today, you’re not giving your family the taste and health benefits you think you are. Have you tasted real olive oil? Not every olive oil is created equal — there is a difference!

Vrisi 36 was founded on a single idea: to bring 100% Greek goodness to every American table. Greece produces the highest percentage (85%) of the world’s naturally-occurring EVOO. Even manufacturers that blend their olive oil blend with Greek olive oil to bring down their acidity level and add flavor and quality — they know it’s that good. At Vrisi 36, we want to bring you the very best — unadulterated, unrefined and unblended from where it all began. It’s why we offer a complete line of extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and Mediterranean mustards that are pure, bursting with nutrients, and sourced locally by Greek farmers to ensure authenticity.

Vrisi 36 productsYou won’t see anything on our labels but the freshest ingredients and terms signifying our passion for producing quality, good-for-you food like…

  • “Freshly Squeezed”
  • “100% Greek”
  • “Zero Preservatives”
  • “Organic”
  • “All Natural”
  • “Unrefined”
  • “Cold Pressed”

We can put these terms on our labels with confidence because we manage our own supply chain. This means we know exactly what goes in our bottles — not every manufacturer can make this claim. Take a look at our product line below to see for yourself just how we’re transforming the olive oil industry one bottle at a time:

Olive Oil

You probably know olive oil is good for you. But if you don’t know how your olive oil was made, you may not be getting the benefits you assume you’re getting. After all, not every olive oil is created equal! At Vrisi 36, our non-GMO extra virgin olive oil is made solely with olives hand-picked, cold pressed and carefully bottled in Greece — no commodity driven oil here. Only 24 hours from picking to pressing ensures the highest level of quality, freshness and flavor. The difference is in the bottle!

We offer “One Country of Origin”  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and beyond that we bottle “region specific oils”.

From Lakonia we offer our Bold Profile of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  500ml or 250ml

From Messenia we offer our Delicate Profile of Extra Virgin Olive oil.  500ml or 250ml

From Messenia we offer our USDA certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 500ml or 250ml

From Messenia we offer our Greek Oregano infused with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 250ml


Balsamic Vinegar

Native to Greece, the Corinthian grape (or currant) provides Vrisi 36 balsamic vinegar, also available in organic, with its unique taste and natural coloring. Absolutely NO sulfites or caramels help our balsamic stand out from the rest, while NO preservatives, along with a ridiculously high antioxidant-rich polyphenol count, make our all-natural balsamic vinegar truly one-of-a-kind.


Mediterranean Mustard

Made with just a few simple ingredients, our Mediterranean mustard packs a lot of above-average goodness in a small jar. Turn regular chicken, lamb and fish into an epicurean delight  — with three delicious options to choose from (honey mustard, tomato/basil and chili/paprika), you won’t have to sacrifice flavor for health.


Vrisi 36 is available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide — find a store near you or contact us to learn how you can bring your products to your own store.

Browse Our Recipes

  • Olive Oil Truffles

    1/3 cup cream 2/3 cup milk 9 oz. bitter chocolate 1/3 cup VRISI 36 olive oil cocoa, pure

    Bring cream & milk to a boil. Remove from stove and add chocolate in pieces. Stir until chocolate is dissolved. Add olive oil and stir in well. Place in bowl and leave to cool in fridge. Scrape a